Get involved!

Please come and join in on BitHorde Development. There are several areas of contribution;


Setup and run your bithorde, and help friends join. The more bithorde networks, the bigger the project will become.


Help documenting code, write howtos...


Help defining targets for coming releases, packaging and testing releases...

Core Development
Help hack on the BitHorde core;


Port to other platforms
Write a daemon-admin web-gui
Improve performance
Fix bugs
Implement abuse-countermeasures (automatically track friend-behaviours and prioritize requests based on observed behaviour.)

Ecosystem Developer

While the BitHorde core itself is intended to remain relatively small and focused, a key success factor for BitHorde is building an ecosystem of integrated clients and working usable appliances.


Develop proxy-systems; I.E. portals linking useful content from other sites to establish BitHorde.
Integrate into other clients
Bittorrent Client (I.E. deluge)
Apache-module for using BitHorde as backend-distribution in distributed hosting